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Cost effective Disaster recovery planning for SMEs

If you are in business, you need a Disaster Recovery Plan.  The bigger the business, the more complex the plan needs to be.  For an individual working from home, it may not be more than some ideas jotted on the back of an envelope.  Disaster recovery planning for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) requires something […]

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Is a fully blown DR solution too expensive for your Business, Online backup provides a decent alternative

The most expensive part of a fully blown disaster recovery solution is probably setting up the solution.  It is of course possible to do it yourself, but this requires a good deal of time devoted to research and planning, and it is possible to overlook important aspects of the plan.  Disaster recovery experts will warn […]

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Online Backup service adoption in the Irish SME sector

The population of Ireland is approximately 4.25 million, and of those almost half are working, with three-quarters of a million employed in the small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) sector.  The SME sector consists of businesses which employ 50 people or less and cover all enterprises not governmental or agricultural in nature.  Keeping these businesses operating […]

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The ten most common backup failures

• The tape is worn out and has not been checked, making data unreadable.
• A backup tape is stolen at the same time as a PC or server.
• The backup tape is stored in a glove compartment, 18 inches from the car’s starter motor. The magnetic impulses erase your records.
• Fire, flood or vandals destroy […]

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SMBs lack disaster recovery measures

More than half of small- and medium-sized businesses are unprepared to to deal with the effects of data loss, a network outage and various other forms of IT disaster, according to a recent report

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Help all the backup tapes are gone and the safe is…

Interesting article from a US company that managed to loose their Safe containing all of their backup tapes.
in what appears to have been a bit of over zealous cleaning.
If this does not highlight the need to make sure that your backups are safe secure and encrypted I don’t know what else does.
Even in this case, […]

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Cyber criminals encrypting companies data and asking them to pay to get it back

If there was ever another reason necessary to have your data offsite check this out,hackers are breaking into sytems and encrypting companies data,then demanding they pay to have it decrypted.Check out the RTE news post below.Criminals target business

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Online Backup

The number of internet users is increasing everyday in geometrical progression throughout the world. As a result, the data loss events are becoming more challenging to prevent. This problem of losing valuable data is more common in Information Technology; Information Technology enabled services and communication sectors. A recent survey has showed that more than two-third […]

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Safe Secure Data = Remote Data Backup

Remote online data backup is the best solution for guaranteeing the safety of your data. Traditional methods of backing up are complex, time consuming and fraught with problems.
Why use remote data backup?
It’s so easy – it allows you to get on with your business. A team of professionals use state of the art […]

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Importance of Online Backup and it’s advantages.

We all need to backup our computer data, either at home or in the office, it is estimated that almost one hard drive in ten fails every year, many people are also aware of the damage that viruses and malware can cause and the need to have a proper backup in place for protection […]

By |August 24th, 2009|online backup|0 Comments
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