Backup Without The Burden

Backup Without The Burden

Security: BackupVault® online storage offers the security your business needs. Backups are encrypted before they are sent to our data centres. BackupVault manages the data for optimal availability and security.

Affordable Protection: BackupVault® online storage offers disaster recovery capabilities without an upfront investment. Your organisation pays a predictable and low monthly fee rather than investing in hardware, software and other backup media, additional IT administration time and off-site tape services. You pay for what you need as your business grows.

Offsite Data Storage and Protection: Your backup data is stored in BackupVault’s® secure and redundant data centres. With our rapid restore and recovery feature restores are easier and faster because you can access your data online anytime, anywhere.

Complete Control: You create and set policies for your backups and then store off-site backup copies to BackupVault’s® protection network.

Low Cost of Ownership: Using BackupVault® online storage leverages your existing backup processes without adding new tasks to manage. Signing up and starting is simple and quick, and we store your off-site backup.

BackupVault Network Protection: BackupVault® is an easy-to-use software as a service platform that delivers an array of proven availability and security technologies designed and priced for businesses of all sizes.  Your organisation can choose a bundle of services that matches its specific needs. Benefits include simplicity of a single common portal and framework and the convenience of a single bill with a common support model.