Remote online data backup is the best solution for guaranteeing the safety of your data. Traditional methods of backing up are complex, time consuming and fraught with problems.
Why use remote data backup?
It’s so easy – it allows you to get on with your business. A team of professionals use state of the art technology to ensure your data is safe and secure. Business and personal files are backed up remotely and securely.
Why choose Remote Online Backup over other backup methods?
Other methods of backing up data are problematic. A lot can go wrong including CDs/ DVDs becoming corrupted, hard-drives crashes that render FTP servers inaccessible. Remote online backup eliminates all of these complications.
Security Issues with Remote Data Backup
The security issues surrounding Remote Data Backup are resolved by using military level data encryption. You create the password and it is only those with the password (you and anyone you give the password to) that can access the data. Nobody including the operators of the remote online data backup service can access your data.
Given the obvious advantages of remote online backup it has take the business world by storm. Having passed the early adoption stage it is set to become the norm for companies worldwide.