Until now, the full recovery of a server after a catastrophic failure could take several hours. Bare Metal Recovery technology is able to quickly recover an unusable system. It can restore both system and data in a single pass, eliminating the need for multiple backups and significantly reducing downtimes.

Bare-metal restore is a technique where the backed up data is available in a form which allows one to restore a computer system from “bare metal”, i.e. without any requirements as to previously installed software or operating system. Typically, the backed up data include the necessary operating system, applications and data components to rebuild or restore the backed up system to an entirely separate piece of hardware. Bare-metal restore differs from simple data backups where application data, but neither the applications nor the operating system are backed up or restored as a unit.

An organization that places importance on its computer data must adopt an offsite backup system. By opting for offsite backup, one is guaranteed to be able to carry on with one’s activities following a computer crash. Offsite data backup offers many features, some of which are:

Encryption: Before data is transmitted, it is encrypted according to Advanced Encryption Standards (AES). AES provides maximum security and helps avoid unintentional access, deletion, and file corruption. The only way to decrypt the data is with a password or encryption key that the software creates before transmission.

Full reporting: With every offsite data backup, the client gets a report that details what was copied, when it was transferred, and whether or not the transfer was successful.

Permission setting: This option allows the client to select which computers get backed up and which employees have access to view or restore files.

Version control: With version control, the client can select a specific version of a file that needs to be restored.

Local data store: This allows additional copies of the data to be stored on a local device as a secondary backup.

Bare metal restore: Vendors offer an optional “bare metal” restoration for rebuilding a computer or server from scratch. Using a separate storage device, the vendor creates a mirror image of the client’s complete system. The device is then shipped to the data center and stored. In case of a system crash, the system can be restored to its original configuration.

In addition to these features, vendors may offer remote access to client’s files and comprehensive training.